The Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER) is a new independent and unaligned EU think tank, based in Edinburgh, that will inform, debate and provide up-to-the-minute, high-quality research and analysis of European Union developments and challenges, with a particular focus on Scotland’s EU interests and policies.

SCER will not take any institutional policy positions. It will publish a range of views: individual fellows of the Centre, and external contributors, are all free to express their own views on the issues covered by SCER.

Scotland’s relationship with the European Union is set to be a central part of political debate for many years. Whether Scotland stays in or re-joins the EU or develops a new relationship with it post-Brexit, the EU will continue to be vital to much of Scotland’s economy, society and culture in the coming decades. SCER aims to contribute in-depth research and analysis to broaden and deepen understanding of contemporary EU issues, and to promote debate and discussion.

SCER’s research, events and publications will cover a range of areas. Likely topics will include:

• Brexit and Scotland, the UK and EU
• The Future of the EU – the EU at 60, future strategy, challenges
• Europe’s migration and refugee crisis
• Climate change and sustainable energy
• Challenges in the EU’s neighbourhood
• Scotland and the Nordic states – common interests and/or diverging policies

SCER will publish policy papers, policy notes and comment pieces on these and other areas. We will hold events across Scotland, and elsewhere in the EU, working with partners wherever possible.

The Centre will engage with a range of audiences. It will bring together key actors from the broad policy community in Scotland and across the EU – politicians, officials, media, academia, diplomats, business, unions, NGOs – in a mixture of off-the-record and public debates.

The Centre will seek funding from a range of organisations, including charitable foundations, individual donors, business, unions and others. SCER will be fully transparent about its funding.

SCER has an independent, high-level Advisory Board to provide strategic guidance and advice.