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Dr Kirsty Hughes is Director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations. A researcher, writer and commentator on European politics and policy, she has worked at a number of leading European think tanks, including as Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe, Brussels; Senior Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies; Director, European Programme, Chatham House; Senior Fellow, Policy Studies Institute, and Research Fellow, WZB Berlin Social Science Centre. She has published extensively, including books, reports, and policy papers, as well as contributing to a wide range of national and international media outlets. Her research focus has included: the UK, Scotland and Brexit, EU democracy, the politics of the Eurozone crisis, the EU enlargement to central and eastern Europe, and Turkey’s EU accession process.

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Research Fellow and Strategic Advisor

Anthony Salamone is Research Fellow and Strategic Advisor at the Scottish Centre on European Relations. He is a political scientist and his work focus on Scotland’s and the UK’s EU relations, and European integration more broadly. He is completing his PhD in British and European Politics at the University of Edinburgh, where he is part of the Edinburgh Europa Institute. At the University, he is founder and Managing Editor of European Futures, the Europa Institute’s academic blog on Europe; founder and President Emeritus of the Edinburgh University European Union Society; and former Co-Convenor of the Edinburgh Europa Research Group.