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Policy Analysis

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Scottish and UK Immigration Policy after Brexit: Evaluating Options for a Differentiated Approach

| Christina Boswell, Sarah Kyambi and Saskia Smellie

POLICY NOTE | As Brexit talks start, the UK government must turn its attention to the immense challenges Brexit poses – despite the ongoing uncertainty over the stability of the minority government post-election. One of the most pressing issues is that…

Energy and Climate Change Challenges in the Brexit Talks

| Antony Froggatt

COMMENT | Access to clean and affordable energy are vital components of any modern society. Despite this, little attention was given to the implications of Brexit for energy during the referendum campaign. With negotiations now under way, the UK…

The UK in India’s Eyes: A Fading Interest Post-Brexit

| Rammanohar Reddy

COMMENT | Like elsewhere in the world, the shock outcome of the UK elections last week was front page news in India’s English dailies. It attracted considerable editorial comment as well. Beyond that, there was little interest in what the election result…

Reverse Brexit: Could Scotland Ignite a UK Debate?

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | The UK’s chaotic political crisis continues. Next week we will be treated to the spectacle of Brexit talks starting – despite continuing confusion over what sort of Brexit the UK wants. And despite the fact that it will be almost impossible for the…

Why Political Uncertainty Might Become the Norm

| Glen O’Hara

COMMENT | Hung parliaments always seem to come as a surprise to the British electorate. Even when it seemed a fairly likely outcome, given the polls and political situation in 2010, few really seemed to believe that it would actually happen…

Why Court Procedure is a Brexit Planning Priority

| Kenneth Campbell

COMMENT | Superficially, it might be thought that court procedure – civil or criminal – has no EU-law dimension. In fact there are EU foundations, which have thus far had little attention in discussions about the shape of post-Brexit arrangements…

How Brexit Broke Theresa May: Election Analysis

| Chris Grey

COMMENT | In the coming days, months and even years, the shock outcome of the general election will be picked over by journalists, analysts and historians. They will identify many factors, but the role of Brexit will surely be central, and the roots…

The Brexit Timetable: Key Questions and Challenges for the UK and Scotland

| Kirsty Hughes and Tobias Lock

POLICY PAPER | The Brexit talks are due to start on Monday 19 June. Under Article 50, an exit deal must be agreed and ratified before 30 March 2019, otherwise the UK will simply be deemed to have left the EU…