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Would Scotland Need a Phased Approach to the EU?

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | Nicola Sturgeon has suggested Scotland might need ‘a phased approach’ to regaining or retaining EU membership in her Andrew Marr and Robert Peston interviews this Sunday. Is this right? And, if so, is it a reasonable approach or…

Ten Big Brexit Issues: Questions for the General Election

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | Given the EU27 stance on Brexit talks, and the range of positions across the UK’s political parties, what are the key questions to ask on Brexit during the general election?…

Norway and the European Economic Area: Good Deal or Just an EU Rule-Taker?

| Ole Gunnar Austvik

COMMENT | After more than 20 years in the European Economic Area (EEA), it may look as if this is the best solution for Norway – part of the EU’s single market but not an actual EU member state. There is no great political push to change Norway’s status…

For Brussels, May’s Outburst Adds Insult to Brexit’s Injury

| Giles Merritt

COMMENT | When Theresa May dismissed unflattering press reports of her disastrous dinner with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker as ‘Brussels gossip’, she signalled an unexpected reversal in the UK’s relationship with the EU. …

Scotland’s Brexit Choices: Will They Be Centre Stage in the Election?

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | It’s early days in the general election campaign in Scotland. But so far, Brexit appears to be the elephant in the room. With Nicola Sturgeon having called for a second independence referendum in March, and with Theresa May refusing to…

Macron’s Breakthrough Signals Rising EU Hopes

| Giles Merritt and Shada Islam

COMMENT | The European Union’s fortunes look to be on the rise. When Emmanuel Macron topped the poll in the first round of France’s presidential election – putting him on course for the Elysée Palace in the final round on 7 May – there emerged a single…

September’s Elections: Fresh Impetus for Germany and the EU or More of the Same?

| David Gow

COMMENT | Too much wishful thinking can lead to bitter let-down. There are plenty of post-Brexiteers in mainland Europe as well as the UK pinning their hopes on a revivified, reformed EU after the French and German elections this year. These…

Scotland’s Transition to EU Membership: What Would it Take?

| Colin Imrie

COMMENT | If Scotland does hold an independence referendum in 2019 and votes in favour, what would be the challenges to be overcome in transitioning to EU membership? …