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Scotland: What Strategy as Brexit Talks Get Under Way?

| Kirsty Hughes

POLICY PAPER | By mid-June, with the general election over, Brexit talks will finally start. What strategy should Scotland’s government and political parties adopt to protect Scotland’s interests?…

Scotland’s Brexit Choices

| Kirsty Hughes

POLICY PAPER | The Article 50 clock is ticking, but talks are not likely to start until the end of May or early June. The two year deadline to conclude exit talks means, barring a change of heart, the UK will be out of the EU by March 2019 but with most of its…

The European Union at 60: Strategic Renewal or Adrift Amidst Multiple Crises?

| Kirsty Hughes

POLICY NOTE | The European Union at 60 is beset by challenges that threaten its purpose, cohesiveness and impact. Some openly ponder whether the EU could disintegrate, Brexit just the first sign of a future trend, or whether the EU will…