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The Case for a Differentiated Brexit

| Nikos Skoutaris

COMMENT | Hours after the result of the Brexit referendum was announced, the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, made clear that she intended to take ‘all possible steps’ in order to secure Scotland’s ‘continuing place in the EU and in the single…

Brexit Begins to Take Shape, As Debate in Scotland Continues

| Anthony Salamone

COMMENT | Friday’s agreement on the first phase of the Brexit talks provides some long-awaited substance, following the months of hypothesising we have been obliged to engage in to understand what the UK government is working towards. In that…

Brexit Deal Kicks Can Down the Road – Not Towards a Soft Brexit

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | The UK-EU27 deal on EU citizens’ rights, the divorce bill and Northern Ireland’s border will unlock the second stage of Brexit talks at next week’s European Council summit in Brussels. The summit is expected to issue guidelines on a transition…

From ‘Sufficient Progress’ to a Future Relationship – Germany’s Priorities in the Brexit Negotiations

| Nicolai von Ondarza

COMMENT | For Germany, its priorities in terms of Brexit could be called paradoxical. The UK is, after all, Germany’s third biggest export market. There is a large German surplus, and the UK will remain an important international partner for Berlin outside…

Patchwork Brexit, Soft Brexit, No Brexit?

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | Theresa May came home without a deal on Monday thanks to the DUP. If trade and transition talks are to start with the EU27, she will have to get them back on side somehow, while not losing the draft agreement with the EU27 including Ireland…

Series – Brexit’s Impact on Scotland: International Development

| Lewis Ryder-Jones

COMMENT | Preoccupations over loss of funding and partnership possibilities dominate our sector’s outlook on Brexit, but are there any opportunities to be seized amongst the perceived doom and gloom? Scotland has always been outward facing…

As Brexit Negotiations Are Finely Poised, The Economic Picture Doesn’t Get Any Less Gloomy

| Anton Muscatelli

COMMENT | Over the last year and a half, I have written extensively about what I see as the economic catastrophe that Brexit will potentially deliver. Until now, many on the Leave side have sought to downplay what I and others have said as simply the sour…

Series – Brexit’s Impact on Scotland: Devolution

| Nicola McEwen

COMMENT | One of the primary purposes of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill is to convert existing EU law into domestic law, by creating an ambiguous new category of ‘retained EU law’. This is intended to ensure continuity and certainty as the UK exits the EU. The…