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New Scottish Campaign Launches – Declaration: Scotland for Europe.


COMMENT | A new Scottish civil society campaign to stay in the EU has launched today, showing that the majority support in Scotland for ‘remain’…

Brexit Endgame: Uncertainty Mounts in Face of Deep Tory Divides

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | With just 6 months to go to finalise the Brexit withdrawal agreement, the watchword most frequently heard around Whitehall and Westminster is ‘uncertainty’. The cabinet are at daggers drawn over the future customs relationship with the EU…

Deepening Political Divisions and Exacerbating Peripherality: Scotland, Northern Ireland and Brexit

| Kirsty Hughes and Katy Hayward

COMMENT | The two Remain-voting areas of the UK face being hard-hit by Brexit. Brexit fears are different in several respects in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Most obviously, the peace process, the operation of the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement…

Brexit Roundup: Overview – UK Politics Adrift

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | The Brexit process is moving forward. March saw the publication of the draft withdrawal agreement with substantial areas of agreement but also many tricky areas yet to solve, not least the Irish border and governance of the whole agreement…

Brexit Roundup: Economic Issues for the Next Phase of Negotiations

| Anton Muscatelli

COMMENT | Last week the House of Commons Exiting the EU Select Committee published its latest report, on the future of the EU-UK relationship. In it the Committee set out fifteen criteria by which it will judge the outcome of the UK-EU negotiations on…

Brexit Roundup: Trade Deals for the UK after Brexit Will Not Be Easy

| David Martin

COMMENT | There is still a large question hanging over future trade talks after the UK leaves the EU – even with the transition period of 20 months. In this time there may still be no real possibility of concluding substantial trade talks with the EU, our biggest…

Brexit Roundup: Avoiding a Hard Irish Border

| Katy Hayward

COMMENT | Progress on the issue of Northern Ireland/Ireland must be made before the European Council summit in June 2018. For this to happen, the UK government has to put forward proposals that meet the commitments it made in the Joint Report of…

Brexit Roundup: Free Movement and the Limits of EU Citizenship

| Niamh Nic Shuibhne

COMMENT | Brexit presents a unique challenge for EU citizenship. It does not represent the relatively more straightforward exclusion of those who never had the status of EU citizenship in the first place but, instead, the taking away of EU citizenship…