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A Customs Union by Any Other Name

| Anton Muscatelli

COMMENT | The UK government published the first of the next set of Brexit papers on 15 August, on the future customs arrangements it envisages post-Brexit. The paper imagines two possible approaches to the customs arrangements with the EU…

Brexit, Data Protection, and the Myth of ‘Taking Back Control’

| Chris Grey

COMMENT | Yesterday’s statement from the UK government about the planned new Data Protection Bill is the first concrete example of something which has been in prospect ever since the publication of the Brexit White Paper last February. The…

EU Voters in Scotland: A Potential Game Changer?

| Richard Marsh and Fabian Zuleeg

COMMENT | Earlier this year David Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, was quoted in the Financial Times on EU nationals’ rights after Brexit: ‘They’ll have the right to welfare, the right to healthcare, the right to pensions, as…

Brexit Transition, Scotland and Independence: Has a New Route Opened Up?

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | With reports that the Chancellor Philip Hammond is winning the internal Tory battle over a ‘status quo’ transition, one key question is what the EU27 will make of his plans. Another is whether it might give a boost to plans for an ‘indyref2’ once the…

Smoke and Mirrors of a Brexit Transition Deal: Ten Key Questions

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | Tory infighting over a Brexit transition deal apparently came to some internal agreement earlier this week. It appears the UK cabinet now thinks that the UK would indeed need a transition arrangement after March 2019 and that this might…

Free Movement is Not a Problem to be Solved

| Anthony Salamone

COMMENT | One of the more remarkable features of the post-referendum Brexit debate has been its punctuation by profound shifts in direction. The immediate aftermath of the vote was characterised by calls for dialogue on the way forward…

Brexit and the Future of the EU – A View from Helsinki

| Juha Jokela

COMMENT | One year on from the Brexit vote, the consolidation of the European Union has emerged as a key priority for Finland. There are positive expectations around the re-energised Franco-German relationship but the plans for deeper integration of…

Is There an Exit from Brexit?

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | As the political shambles of Brexit continues, almost 70 leading Scottish figures called for a halt to Brexit earlier this week. This is a significant shift in the UK debate where, in recent months, the focus has been on whether the UK should aim…