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Stalemate in Brussels – Is the Brexit Cliff Edge Closer Now?

| Anton Muscatelli

COMMENT | Last week brought, as many predicted, a virtual stalemate in the Brexit talks. After five rounds of negotiations, the UK has failed to persuade the Commission and the EU27 to move onto the territory of discussing the future framework and…

The EU’s Response to Catalonia was a Poor Show. Scotland Should Now Offer to Mediate

| Alyn Smith

COMMENT | I felt and still do feel heartsick watching the events unfold in Catalonia. I also feel let down and dispirited by the response of the international community. Never has it been more clear that states do not have permanent friends or values, they only…

A Year of Brexit Uncertainty Lies Ahead: Deal, No Deal or a Second EU Referendum by Autumn 2018?

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | With only a year to go to agree a Brexit deal or not, the looming deadline next autumn should start to focus minds – whether on getting a deal or on whether Brexit can be halted via a second referendum or other means. There has been an…

Macron’s Vision for Europe Sets a Very High Bar

| Anthony Salamone

COMMENT | French president Emmanuel Macron’s Sorbonne speech on Europe this week was as comprehensive as it was ambitious. Over an hour and a half long, it set out a strong pro-EU and pro-integration agenda under the banner of his new ‘European…

Germany’s Political Mainstream is in Need of Renewal

| David Gow

COMMENT | Sunday’s general election in Germany (#Bundestagswahl2017) has proven to be an object lesson in how complacency and loss of connectivity with real people’s real concerns can damage even as consummate a politician as Angela Merkel…

After Germany’s Elections: Europe Relaunched or on the Defensive?

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | Germany’s elections have proved more interesting than many expected. Angela Merkel will still be a powerful presence on the EU scene in her fourth term as Chancellor. But the CDU and CSU are already debating the causes of their sharp…

After Florence: Soft Brexit Myths, Hard Brexit Reality

| Kirsty Hughes

COMMENT | There is a half-optimistic myth growing around Brexit, partly fuelled by May’s Florence speech. This suggests the Tories are making such a mess of it that, while the UK will leave the EU at the end of March 2019, it may stay indefinitely in…

Devolution after Brexit: ‘Power Grab’ or a ‘Significant Increase in Decision-making Power’?

| Mark Lazarowicz

COMMENT | One of the questions that arose very soon after the EU referendum was what would happen to the powers currently exercised by the EU over areas of government activity which would otherwise be devolved. The initial assumption in…