Message from the Director

Kirsty Hughes |14 July 2021

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The Scottish Centre on European Relations was founded as Scotland’s first independent European affairs think tank in March 2017. Since then, we have contributed to a broad and lively debate on European affairs in Scotland, the UK and the EU.

SCER aimed to promote informed public and political debate via high quality, in-depth political and policy analysis and shorter expert commentary, stimulating on and off-the-record events, and media, and social media, engagement. Through a wide range of reports, policy papers, comment pieces and events, SCER has achieved that aim over the last four years.

We have ranged widely across different pressing European and international issues: the Brexit debates and the UK leaving the EU – Scotland too despite its remain vote; European challenges for Scottish independence and how, why and whether an independent Scotland could join the EU; the future of the European Union itself – democratic challenges, climate change, foreign policy, development and more.

Sadly, SCER is now bringing its activities to a close. Without sustained funding, we could not take its activities to the next level we aimed for. Huge thanks to those very many people who contributed to, engaged with and supported our activities and enabled SCER to become a high profile, influential European affairs think tank over the last four years.


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Scottish Centre on European Relations

Dr Kirsty Hughes is Director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations. She is a researcher, writer and commentator on European politics and policy, and she previously worked for a number of leading European think tanks.