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Brexit, Northern Ireland and Scotland: Comparing Political Dynamics and Prospects in the Two ‘Remain’ Areas – New Policy Paper

Policy paper from the Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER) and Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) by Dr Kirsty Hughes and Dr Katy Hayward

Brexit Roundup: Where Are We Heading? – New Report

Report from the Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER) edited by Dr Kirsty Hughes and Anthony Salamone

The UK in a Changing Europe

Kirsty Hughes writes a commentary on the ongoing politics of Brexit in Scotland

The Times

Kirsty Hughes writes an op-ed highlighting that a people’s vote is separate from the independence debate

BBC Scotland

Kirsty Hughes appears on Sunday Politics Scotland, making the Scottish case for a people’s vote (from 15:40)

STV News

Kirsty Hughes appears on Scotland Tonight, commenting on the October European Council (from 04:40)

The Times

Anthony Salamone writes an op-ed setting out the challenges of convincing the EU27 to extend Article 50