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Latest Contributions

El Món

Anthony Salamone speaks on Scotland’s constitutional debate and comparisons with the situation in Catalonia

European Parliament

Kirsty Hughes moderates a panel discussion on Brexit and borders at the CES conference in Glasgow

Centre d’Estudis de Temes Contemporanis

Anthony Salamone delivers a speech on Scotland at a seminar on self-determination in Barcelona

BBC Radio Scotland

Kirsty Hughes speaks on Good Morning Scotland on Nicola Sturgeon meeting Michel Barnier (from 1:08:45)

Wilton Park

Kirsty Hughes participates in a panel discussion on Brexit at the British German Forum 2017 in West Sussex

The Times

Kirsty Hughes writes an op-ed arguing that Scotland can lead a new UK debate to reverse Brexit

IPPR Scotland

Kirsty Hughes participates in the launch of an edited book on Scotland, the UK and Brexit

Cable Magazine

Kirsty Hughes writes a commentary outlining the state of Brexit after the general election

STV News

Kirsty Hughes appears on Scotland Tonight and comments on the start of the Brexit negotiations (from 06:55)

The Herald (Glasgow)

Kirsty Hughes features with her call for Scotland to lead the way in reversing Brexit