Latest Contributions

The National

Kirsty Hughes’ SCER short policy note on prospects for independence in the EU in the wake of the Covid crisis is republished in the National

Le Monde

Kirsty Hughes is quoted in an article on the different approaches to lockdown that have emerged across the UK’s four nations


Kirsty Hughes is quoted in an article about the Covid-19 and Scottish independence

The Times Scotland

The SCER policy note by Allyson Pollock and Louisa Harding-Edgar on Scotland’s response to the Covid-19 crisis was covered in the Times – and too in the Scotsman, the National, the Daily Record, the Evening Express

The National

Kirsty Hughes asks why the Scottish government (and other devolved administrations) followed the UK government’s approach in early March, delaying lockdown, one that is now coming under growing criticism – and compares corona death rates across different smaller EU states.

The Herald

Kirsty Hughes writes a column on the EU’s response to the corona crisis so far and asks is muddling through enough?

Sunday National

Kirsty Hughes is quoted on the pressing need to extend the Brexit transition period in the face of the Covoid-19 crisis and its economic impacts

The National

Kirsty Hughes writes a column analysing the EU’s response to the covid-19 virus so far.

Prospect UK

Kirsty Hughes is interviewed by Alice Wright on the new SCER report she edited on Independence in the EU: Accession Challenges

Times Scotland

David Bell writes on the Scottish-rUK border in the case of independence in the EU – a short version of his longer piece for SCER’s new report published on 17 March