Latest Contributions

Radio FM4

Kirsty Hughes speaks on Reality Check on Scottish opinion on Brexit and independence

Sunday National

Kirsty Hughes writes an op-ed outlining the implications of a no-deal Brexit

The UK in a Changing Europe

Kirsty Hughes writes a commentary on the negative impacts of Brexit on Scotland

El Confidencial

Anthony Salamone is quoted on Europeanism in Scotland in the contexts of Brexit and independence

The Herald

Kirsty Hughes writes an op-ed commenting on the politics following the Commons rejection of the Brexit deal

Sunday National

Kirsty Hughes writes a comment reflecting on the year in Brexit for 2018

BBC Radio 4

Kirsty Hughes speaks on The World Tonight on the EU’s contingency plans for no-deal Brexit (from 21:58)

House of Commons

Kirsty Hughes gives evidence to the Exiting the European Union Committee on the Brexit negotiations

Sunday National

Kirsty Hughes and Anthony Salamone write an op-ed setting out their 2019 predictions for Europe and Brexit

STV News

Kirsty Hughes appears on Scotland Tonight, commenting on the delaying of the Commons meaningful vote