SCER’s new major programme on Scotland and Europe will analyse some of the big questions and challenges facing the European Union. The EU, in 2019, is set to hold elections for the European Parliament in May and appoint a new Commission and a new European Council President by the end of the year. Given a challenging and disruptive external and internal environment for the EU, the Parliament, Commission and Council must address these questions and challenges for the future of Europe in a strategic and dynamic way.

SCER’s Scotland and Europe Review aims to contribute analysis and research to pan-European debate on the future of the EU. It also aims to encourage debate on Europe’s future, and on Scotland’s interests and role in that future, in Scotland.

Key Questions

The Review will draw on contributions from leading experts to address these European challenges, and Scotland’s interests in them, across a number of areas including:

● EU Politics, Democracy and Institutions

EU Politics and Decision-Makingthe Role of Small States and Regions

Scotland’s Role in the EU in the Face of Brexit and the Constitutional Question

● The EU, Scotland and Human Rights

● Tackling Inequality in Today’s EU

● What 21st Century Industrial Strategy for the EU and Scotland?

● Politics and Economics of Reform of the Eurozone

● EU Climate Change and Environmental Strategy

● The EU’s Defensive Migration Strategy: Time for Change?

● The EU’s Cultural Future and Scotland’s Contribution

● Young People and the EU: Solidarity or Disconnect?

● Changing EU Media and Communications Outlook

● The EU’s Global and Neighbourhood Strategy in an Unstable World

● The EU’s Development Strategy: Time for Change?

● International Trade and Globalisation: What EU Strategy?

Within each key area, we will ask focused questions including:

● How adequate, effective, influential and democratic is existing EU strategy on this issue?

● How much or how little solidarity is there across the EU on this issue, how can we create more?

● Where are the biggest political and policy differences across member states?

● What is the most interesting/innovative new approach to this issue?

The Scotland and Europe programme will publish the results of its work in a major report in late April 2019. The Programme is led by Dr Kirsty Hughes, Director, SCER. A high-level Strategy Group is advising on the work. SCER will hold a number of public and off-the-record events in the course of the work programme.


SCER is grateful to a number of funders for supporting this programme of work:

Europe Review Programme Sponsors
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